On your way to Catalina Island?
This is your perfect chance to get that extraordinary cup of coffee and a delicious bakery creation.
If a freshly prepared breakfast would start your morning then just look to the right at our special breakfast menu. Remember our items are Hot when they are suppose to be hot, Fresh when they are suppose to be fresh, and Delicious when... (Well you know).

Look for this sign directly across from the Catalina Flyer. Stop in for some of your morning favorites. It will make waiting in liner so much better.

Our new location is filled to the brim with an amazing assortment of delicious early morning treats.
Yes, life is a party at the Balboa Bakery. You'll feel like a little kid again looking at all of the choices available to you.
Your hosts are ready to create the perfect coffee drink or blend a soothing smoothie. They will help you choose just the right bakery goodie or prepare a delicious breakfast sandwich.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, a wonderful selection of deli sandwiches, plus a large selection of ice cold drinks. That's how you have a fulfilling meal.
And now for the reason to get up in the morning - An absolutely amazing selection of delicious specialty coffees. So many styles, so many flavors. Don't be surprised if you have a difficult time selecting your favorite.
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