How to get to Catalina Island? The answer is onboard our Catalina Island Ferry which provides trips to get to Catalina Island daily year round. Getting to Catalina Island can be tough with most visitors going on the Catalina Island Ferries. You can get the Catalina Island Ferry from Newport Beach. Newport Beach is just minutes from greater Los Angeles located in Orange County.

Other ways to get to Catalina Island is by air which is more costly and complicated. So where to get your Catalina Island Ferry tickets? You can get them here online, over the phone, or in person the day of. We recommend online as advance booking ensures you get the date and time you want for your Catalina Island trip. From Newport Beach you will arrive at Avalon on Isla Catalina approx. 90 minutes and then staying for the day or even overnight then departing from Avalon returning to the mainland. We are the perfect answer for getting to Catalina Island.



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